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Harrison Tullberg Olympic aerial skiing training

Studying at Olympic heights

Harrison Tullberg is used to challenging himself. A former Australian trampoline champion, Tullberg decided to take his twisting talents to the slopes where he is now training with Australia’s aerial skiing team, the Flying Kangaroos.

Tullberg is currently training in Utah for the 2022 Winter Olympics. On top of his training, the dedicated athlete is also studying a Bachelor of Laws online via Deakin University’s Cloud Campus.

He spoke to us about his experiences juggling life in America with his sporting and academic goals.

He appreciates his time

Aerial skiing involves a lot of overseas travel. The biggest sacrifice is the freedom of time, as I’ll most likely be away for six or seven months this year alone. The sport takes a great toll on my social life. When coupled with law study, there is little time for myself. However, I still love what I do. I’ve learnt to appreciate the small amount of time I have for friends, family or myself.

He strives for perfection

My training will vary depending on the season. During winter I’ll spend a lot of time skiing, working in the gym and jumping on snow. However in summer I’ll spend a lot of time on the trampolines. I can practice hundreds of different skills on the trampoline within a couple of hours, but aerial jumps require more discipline. You may only get the chance to do 25 different somersaults off a ramp in the same time frame. Every jump must be done with the intention of perfection.

He stays organised

Studying a Bachelor of Laws is a huge commitment and takes a lot of time out of my week. My average day will involve waking up early to listen to a lecture, then a warm up before heading to the aerial skiing site, and when I get home I get on top of my uni work straight away. Studying online makes it much easier for me to plan my schedule a week in advance around my training. I get very little downtime, so the flexibility is great as I’m always looking to find the gap in my schedule for myself. If I’m lucky I may get an hour to watch TV or lounge around.

He studies what he loves

I don’t ever see myself being a one trick pony – I would be bored doing one thing. I love debating and assessing different scenarios, and law fits under this umbrella nicely. I think it’s very important to find balance and to always develop as an individual, so undertake a course that interests and inspires you. Be overly ambitious. It’s not a chore juggling two things that you love and the journey of coupling sport and your field of study will be all the more satisfying and fulfilling.

Interested in online learning? Find out more about Deakin’s Cloud Campus.

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