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Watch: Sleep like an elite sportsperson

If you’ve been snoozing through the last few years, you might’ve missed the major studies that show how important sleep is to our overall health.

Basically, sleep is one of the most important building blocks of being a healthy human. It helps regulate weight, can impact on our relationships, and has positive benefits for memory cognition and learning. While on the other hand, sleep deprivation can have major health ramifications. This includes a higher chance of being susceptible to a variety of deadly conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Another reason that it’s important to get the right amount of shut eye, is because sleep helps us perform at an optimal level, no matter the pursuit. That can be studying, while you work, or even performing on the sporting field. With this in mind, we spoke to Research Fellow at the Geelong Cats and Deakin University, Dr Jacqui Tran, who specialises in helping The Cats perform at their brilliant best on game day.

Dr Tran has come up with some great tips that will help you sleep like an elite sportsperson, so you can study like an elite student. Have a watch!

Interested in helping people prepare to be their best everyday? Study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University.

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