9 in 10 uni graduates are employed full time.1

Uni grads earn 15-20% more than those without a degree.2

Deakin postgraduates earn 36% more than undergraduates.3

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Watch: What do you wish you knew before you started studying?

Reflecting on past experiences can make us think about all the decisions we’ve had to make along the way – especially when it comes to study. Hopefully for most of us, though, looking back on university is a fond experience, regardless of how stressful it might have felt at the time.

Of course, you might look back and consider how you would have done things differently, whether it was learning how to balance work and study, establish useful study habits, or make valuable industry connections – there is surely something you wish you could have handled better when you started studying.

But if you actually could go back in time to give yourself some advice before you began your academic journey, what would it be? Maybe you spent too much time worrying about the little things, or not enough time focusing on your studies. Perhaps what you regret most is not making enough friendships or connections to sustain a healthy social life.

At a Deakin graduation ceremony, we asked graduates the question, ‘What is something you wish you knew before you started studying?’ Watch the video below to hear what they wish they knew before embarking on their studies at university.

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