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Deakin Open Day courtesy of Adam O'Sullivan

Why you should attend university open day with your teen

When it comes to choosing a university, there’s nothing more helpful than an open day to help your teen take the first step of their tomorrow. But what is a university open day all about?

In between cramming for exams, finishing Year 12 and having to choose your pathway from high school, it’s understandable your teen is overwhelmed and it’s only natural for you to feel some of that.

Open day is your chance to help your teen get the answers to their questions about university life, which course, what campus, and help your teen understand what study options are available and the pathways they can take on their journey beyond Year 12.

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Experience the campus together

Deakin Open Day Burwood by Adam O'Sullivan

Studying at university is about more than just lectures. Open day is your chance to get a feel for campus and let your teen experience uni life at their own pace (without having to rush to their next class). This is also your opportunity to kick a footy together on the MCG-size pitch at Waurn Ponds’ Elite Sports Precinct, savour the iconic chicken wrap from Burwood’s Caffeine Cafe, bask in the sunshine along Geelong’s waterfront or take in the serenity of Warrnambool on a guided campus tour of the state-of-the-art facilities.

Speak with academics and students

In between the fun events, the giveaways and DJ tunes, open day is your chance to deep dive into the different degrees and courses on offer together with your teen. Speak to academics, teachers and their fellow students about the courses your teen is interested in and what makes them different from other unis. It could be about graduate employability or what careers are available after graduation within their preferred course, or how they’ll prepare your teen for their first career.

Remember, everyone is incredibly friendly and approachable, so you can ask all the questions that spring to mind! You never know, you might even find a course for yourself.

Shop for the job

It’s not just about the right degree, but where it will take your teen at the end of their study. Get a sense for how the course implements real-world learning and practical skills for career development, which could include access to top-rated science labs for practicals, engineering labs including commercial 3D-grade printers or industry-standard newsrooms and creative labs, like those available at Deakin University’s four campuses. The best way to do this is through guided tours, ensuring you see the best of the facilities available (and how they will help your teen flourish in their future career).

Tick off and rule out courses

Your teen may be interested in a range of courses but not entirely sure which path to go down. Attending Open Day will allow them to tick off and rule out courses, determine their must haves and desirables, and what their ideal degree at Deakin looks like.. Attending the campus prior to course commencement allows you to help your teen make this incredibly big decision, if they want assistance narrowing down their top preferences, of course. If you’re there alongside them, you’ll both be on the same page and able to bounce ideas off each other.

Learn about pathways

Not every route to get into university is the right course of action. Get a glimpse into your teen’s future uni life and the pathways in front of them so that, if they don’t get your ideal ATAR, your teen can take control of their future. Speak to the open day course specialists and discover the opportunities available to make their dream course a reality.

Join in the competitions and activities

It’s not all about the cutting-edge facilities, incredible courses ranked among the best in Victoria, the chance to attend information sessions or learn about the clubs and societies. An open day also means plenty of entertainment, giveaways and fun events taking place across every campus.

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